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Lab Safety DOs and DONTs

This activity includes a lab safety video, quiz, teacher key, completion certificate, scenario cards, & stations.

A lab, or laboratory, is any setting that is designed for scientific experiments, research, or teaching. These areas contain various chemicals and equipment that can be extremely dangerous if they are not handled properly. Therefore, it is important for all persons operating the lab to know general safety procedures before engaging in any scientific work. In science classrooms, it is your science teacher’s professional duty to ensure that all students are aware of and following the safety procedures at all times.

In this lab safety activity, Mr. Mickens and his four students Matt, Abeni, Lisa, and Gerardo learn important safety procedures on their first day of class. Included is the “Lab Safety DOs and DONTs” video, blank Lab Safety Quiz, and Teacher Answer Key. Lab Safety Scenario Cards are also available.

Download Materials

Lab Safety Quiz + Key
Lab Safety Scenario Cards
Lab Safety Certificate
Lab Safety Stations
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