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curriculum writing

Culturally Relevant Science writes  curriculum.

CRsci is dedicated to normalizing daily cultural relevance within the STEM curriculum implemented in schools. We believe underrepresented students should be incorporated every day, and not just when it "fits".  


This is why we write comprehensive curriculum for the entire school year - consisting of day-to-day lesson plans and assessments. Our courses include: MS/HS life sciences, MS/HS physical sciences, and MS/HS earth systems.

If you would like to consult with CRsci about writing curriculum for your school or school district, contact us at



Culturally Relevant Science trains educators.

No two classrooms look exactly alike. Therefore, we believe that it is not enough to create a pre-packaged curriculum that "fits" all students. We must also provide training and methodologies that will allow educators to better understand the unique experiences of their specific students.

That's why CRsci offers professional development seminars and workshops. Our teachings are specifically designed for educators of under-represented students to learn how to build and re-shape curricula to reflect the cultures, languages and experiences of their students. 

If you would like to hire CRsci for educator professional development, contact us at


field trip sponsorship

Culturally Relevant Science promotes career exposure. 

CRsci believes that underrepresented students also need exposure to STEM careers during their secondary education. We cannot teach relevance only in classrooms, and then expect students to pursue related collegiate or vocational careers all by themselves.


Therefore, it is CRsci's goal to sponsor field trips throughout Atlanta. Some STEM destinations we work with are the Georgia Aquarium, Delta Flight Museum, Atlanta Zoo, and iFLY. Each trip comes with a standards-aligned curriculum and information about potential careers offered there. 

If you are interested in getting a trip funded by CRsci, please contact us at

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