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Banana DNA Extraction:
Visualizing Deoxyribonucleic Acid

This at home lab shows how to extract DNA from a banana using salt, soap, and rubbing alcohol.


Battle of the Beaks: Modeling Natural Selection

This simulation lab models Darwin's theory of natural selection.


Carbon Dioxide Balloons: Visualizing Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling

This lab serves to introduce students to the role of decomposers in nutrient cycling.


Cell Structure, Function, and YOU!

What makes a virus different from YOU? You'd first need to ask yourself if a virus consists of one or more cells. Come learn about this classic Biology topic!


Egg Osmosis: Modeling Selective Permeability

This 4-day lab requires students to create a selective permeability with an egg, and observe how hypo and hypertonic solutions direct the movement of water. This can done with a gummy bear for a shortened, more simplified lab.


Environmental Effects of Leaching: Testing Your Drinking Water

In this lab, students test their drinking water and compare it to the control of distilled water.


Examining the Expression of Sickle Cell
Disease During Transcription & Translation

This activity applies the processes of transcription and translation to sickle cell anemia, a disease prominent in African Americans.


Exploring Tonicity w/ Gummy Bears

In this video you are going to learn about Cell Transport and Tonicity! Join Mr. Mickens, Danielle, and Daniella as they explore how cells maintain homeostasis with gummy bears! We will discuss what homeostasis is, how cell transp...


Fizzing Livers: Analyzing Enzymatic Rates

This lab demonstrates the structure and function of enzymes.


Heads or Tails? Modeling The Principle Of Dominance

This lab uses two coins to model how genes are inherited according to Gregor Mendel's Principle of Dominance.

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