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Welcome to CRSCI's main hub for culturally relevant science materials! Use the buttons below to find content based on subject, or stay on this page to peruse all resources.  
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2D Forces & Statics

Think about you ONLY push things left and right? Just straight up and down? What about things that are just hanging and not moving?

Thumbnail image from a powerpoint slide about velocity.

2D Vectors, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Lesson

The materials for this lesson include an 89 slide powerpoint filled with animations, diagrams, and images as well as a guided notes handout to go with it.

Students performing different experiments.

All You Can Test: An Intro to CERs

This lab activity introduces students to CERs, where they develop a scientific question, create procedures to test that question, collect evidence, and write claims and reasoning.

Image of lab title and Isaac Newton

Balloons of Motion: Exploring Newton's Three Laws

This lab uses common household items to build a balloon vehicle that demonstrate Newton's three laws of motion, specifically the inverse relationship between mass and acceleration.

Thumbnail of DNA in beaker

Banana DNA Extraction:
Visualizing Deoxyribonucleic Acid

This at home lab shows how to extract DNA from a banana using salt, soap, and rubbing alcohol.

Basic Atomic Structure Lesson

In Chemistry & Physical Science the atom is the fundamental building block of chemical structures. Unique combinations of atoms lead to the diverse array of compounds that form the universe. Check out our resources that will assis...

Gif of students performing simulation.

Battle of the Beaks: Modeling Natural Selection

This simulation lab models Darwin's theory of natural selection.

Students' results: a line of water bottles filled with a yeast mixture with inflated balloons sealed over the top.

Carbon Dioxide Balloons: Visualizing Decomposition and Nutrient Cycling

This lab serves to introduce students to the role of decomposers in nutrient cycling.

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