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2D Forces & Statics

Think about you ONLY push things left and right? Just straight up and down? What about things that are just hanging and not moving?


2D Vectors, Speed, Velocity and Acceleration Lesson

The materials for this lesson include an 89 slide powerpoint filled with animations, diagrams, and images as well as a guided notes handout to go with it.


Balloons of Motion: Exploring Newton's Three Laws

This lab uses common household items to build a balloon vehicle that demonstrate Newton's three laws of motion, specifically the inverse relationship between mass and acceleration.


Energy, Momentum and more!

Four activities that cover the main topics in a Work & Energy Unit! Perfect for unit culminating tasks and inquiry!


Free Fall Acceleration Lab

Astronomer and physicist, Galileo Galilei dropped objects from the Leaning Tower of Pisa in Italy to explore this phenomenon, but can YOU gather evidence to support his claims? Join our physics class as Mr. Mickens guides you thro...


Heartrace! A Beginner Lab Intro to Speed & Velocity

This lab has students to learn about rates and the difference between speed & velocity by examining their heart rate and exercise!


Kinematic Equations Lesson

This topic is essential to understanding the relationships between several quantities of motion. Students can struggle with this section of physics and our resources will help scaffold and compartmentalize instruction for learning...


Making Waves

Waves is a fun and engaging topic with many relevant applications to explore! Check these activities!


Motion Graphs

Join our physics class as Mr. Mickens, Lisa, and Abeni explore how motion graphs represent common occurrences in our daily lives. We will discuss the difference between motion graphs, calculations of velocity and acceleration usin...


Physical Quantities Lesson

Physical Quantities govern our every day lives and are fundamental to understanding all of science. This introductory lesson will set students off to a great start with FULLY understanding concepts throughout the course

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