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All You Can Test: An Intro to CERs

This lab activity introduces students to CERs, where they develop a scientific question, create procedures to test that question, collect evidence, and write claims and reasoning.

Scientists develop questions to test all the time! You can be just like them and develop a scientific question to test. Testing a question consists of three major components: claim, evidence, and reasoning.

Claim - the answer to a scientific question
Evidence - the data collected while testing a scientific question
Reasoning - the explanation for how the evidence proves the claim

CER charts, the image to the right, are usually how students document their claim, evidence, and reasoning when they test a question. Today, you will develop your very own question to test. You will then develop a procedure on how to test it, collect evidence from that procedure, and then use that evidence to construct your claim and reasoning. By the end of this activity, you will have an entire CER chart completed. Collaborate with your group, and be creative with your question! Use any of the supplies available to you to perform your test.

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