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All About Skittles: An Intro to Argument Driven Inquiry

This two-day lab introduces students to the basic structure of argument-driven inquiry (ADI).

Argument-driven inquiry is a process used to test scientific questions. It consists of three major components: claim, evidence, and justification. A claim is the answer to a scientific question, evidence is observations and/or data collected while testing a scientific question, and a justification is an explanation describing how and why the evidence answers a scientific question. A claim-evidence-justification (CEJ) chart can be used to summarize the findings from an argument-driven inquiry.

Like most phenomena in the world, various scientific questions can be tested on an unopened package of Skittles. For example, information can be inquired about characteristics like amount or color. Therefore, although it may seem pretty simple, this Skittles lab consists of four objectives critical to understanding the scientific process of argument-driven inquiry.

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